Break out of your four walls! 

Come with us as you touch, feel, smell and experience the world with the same heart as your first love, Jesus Christ! You will be an extension of your Savior’s hands into the lives of others.  And your personal heart will be renewed as you answer God’s call for missions. 

That’s what we provide through Short Term Mission Trips…..opportunities.

Opportunities to reach into the lives of others with the transforming message of Jesus Christ.  As you fulfill this call God is putting on your heart, you will return changed.  You will come back and see the world around you as God’s mission field that He has placed you.  You will love, give, serve, pray and live differently!




“I saw, I heard, I listened… I was amazed! I was touched in my heart and spirit! I beheld the Glory of God. It was worth the prep work, the meetings, the raising of support, the worry, the fears, the heat, the frustrations, the laughs, the unknown, the time, the effort, the attacks of Satan, the discouragement, that may have come, and the breaking out of our routine - IT WAS WORTH IT ALL. These 14 individuals will not be the same - they were touched by the hand of God. Thank you, for heading it up and taking care of so many details. We would never have gone on a mission trip as a church if it weren’t for CiM. A trip that changed us.”  (read more)







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